Alberta Referrals

*DermCafé is a virtual-only dermatology clinic. If patient is uncomfortable with basic technology (email, webpages), DermCafé is NOT the right service for them.

*Patient should expect an email with Booking Instructions from

*Please do not fax photos. Black-and-white blurry faxed photos provide no meaningful addition to the Dermatologist's assessment.

DermCafé CANNOT safely provide virtual care for:

  • Inadequately captured on photo:

    • Pigmented lesions 

    • Mucosal lesions

    • Ano-genital lesions

    • Lesions on the scalp

    • Full or regional skin exams

  • Requires in-person care from the onset:

    • Undifferentiated/widespread/complex rashes or "Rash NYD"

    • Wounds: we recommend referral to the Vascular Surgery team here

    • Procedural care (e.g. skin cancer surgeries)

  • Prescription for controlled substances

  • Medical emergencies

Consider sending a DermCafé Physician-to-Dermatologist eConsult (1 business day turnaround time guaranteed) for complex dermatoses.

Please note: should our scope of care be ignored and/or your reason for referral be misrepresented, we reserve the right to permanently reject any and all future referrals from you. 

Thank you to all the well-intentioned clinics working to provide excellent patient care!

DermCafé CAN safely provide virtual care for:

  • Acne and acne scarring

  • Rosacea

  • Melasma

  • Photoaging

  • Periorificial dermatitis

  • Seborrheic dermatitis

  • Keratosis Pilaris

  • Infantile hemangiomas

  • Localized Eczema (e.g. hand eczema)

  • Localized Psoriasis

  • Localized Contact dermatitis

  • Localized Urticaria

How does this work?   -  Just like any other Referral in Alberta

  • This form is for Doctors to refer their patients for Alberta-Health-covered virtual visits with our Dermatologists. 

  • Patients require an email account & electronic device to access our services.

  • All information is submitted and stored securely on our PIPEDA-compliant platform.

  • Referred Patients are ONLY seen by our Board-Certified Dermatologists: view their Profiles here

  • We can return the Consult Letter to either a fax # or secure email.

What happens if my patient ends up requiring in-person care?

  • DermCafé is a Digital-Only Dermatology clinic. Cases inappropriate for virtual care will be redirected back to the referring physician to refer to an in-person Dermatologist

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