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Residents of ON

OHIP-covered Virtual Visits

OHIP Dermatology Visits require a Doctor's Referral

Need a Referral?

Audio/Video-Visit with our Family Doctor, who can Refer you to our Dermatologists

  • Same/next-weekday
    appointments available

  • Requires valid OHIP or UHIP

  • Visits with our Family Doctor does not affect your own Family Doctor (e.g. no negation)

Video Visit with a Dermatologist

If you are Referred by your own Doctor:

  • Once your Doctor submits via our Online Referral Formyou'll get a email link to book your Audio/Video Visit with our Dermatologist.

  • You must register using this specific email link

  • Please note: we do NOT accept faxed referrals. All Referrals must be entered via our Online Referral Form. We strongly encourage everyone to embrace modern technology. 

  • Requires valid OHIP or UHIP

  • In the uncommon case that in-person care is required, you will be referred into a Dermatologist's physical clinic

If you don't have OHIP / UHIP and desire an audio/video visit, book a Dermatologist Virtual Visit here (no referral required, receipt for insurance submission provided)

What can be cared for virtually?

DermCafé CAN'T safely provide virtual care for:

  • Inadequately captured on photo:

    • Mole/skin cancer/lesion concerns

    • Concerns inside the mouth

    • Concerns in the genital region

    • Concerns on the scalp

    • Full or regional skin checks

    • Rarer, scarring types of hair loss

  • Requires in-person care from the onset:

    • Widespread and complex rashes 

    • Wounds

    • Procedural care (e.g. skin cancer removals)

  • Medical emergencies

  • Prescription for controlled substances


These concerns require in-person care at physical Dermatologist offices

DermCafé CAN safely provide virtual care for:

  • Acne and acne scarring

  • Rosacea

  • Eczema 

  • Psoriasis

  • Other localized itchy skin rashes (Contact dermatitis)

  • Other facial rashes (Seborrheic dermatitis)

  • Hemangiomas 

  • Facial skin discolouration (Melasma)

  • Localized superficial skin infection (e.g. tinea)

  • Female/male pattern hair loss

  • Vitiligo

  • Hives

  • Benign lesion removals (e.g. moles) in the GTA and Ottawa are available via transition to our Dermatology Team's physical offices

DermCafé is a VIRTUAL clinic. All OHIP/UHIP visits are conducted via audio/video phone call and diagnoses made via submitted photos. We do NOT provide expedited follow-ups to in-person Dermatology clinics. All follow-ups must be arranged through DermCafé unless otherwise specified 
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