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Wouldn't it be nice if seeing your Dermatologist was

as simple as grabbing coffee with a friend?

DermCafé gives you rapid access to digital Dermatology care wherever you are.

Skip the commute, long waitlists, & tedious paperwork.

After all, those are relics of yesterday's medical clinics. 

See you in the Café!

Since May 2020:


12,000 +
patients seen


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OHIP, UHIP, MSP, AHS-covered Visits
We also accept Morcare, StudyInsured, Intrepid247 insurances

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Canadian Doctors

How This Works 

Submit your Symptoms info and Photos Online

Step 1: Submit your Symptom Info & Photos online, and Book your Appointment 

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Step 2: Video/Audio Chat with your Dermatologist

OHIP/UHIP/MSP/AHS Visits require a Doctor's Referral - see our Family Doctor first (same/next day appointments available)

Access your Patient Portal anytime

Step 3: Access your Results Anytime on your Online Portal: prescription(s), appointments, forms, etc

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Rick, Edmonton

I heard of Derm Cafe from my friends and was skeptical at first given that the experience is completely online. Going through it has entirely changed my perspective on virtual appointments. The lack of wait-times, intuitive setup, quality care and attention from the Doctor completely transform the concept of medical appointments. Derm Cafe is a game changer in Canadian healthcare!

Female patient

Chantal, Toronto

I would 100% recommend DermCafé to anyone! I saw a family doctor the same day I found the site, and a dermatologist the next day! The care was so streamlined and their photo/video platform works really well for skin concerns. It's great to experience such modern care!!

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Male patient

Stephen, Ottawa

It's pretty much impossible to see a dermatologist in Ottawa without waiting nearly a year. DermCafé makes the doctor visit the way it should be- modern, simple and quick to access. Can't recommend them enough!


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Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic Dermatology

Pediatric Dermatology

Pediatric Dermatology

Adolescent Dermatology

Adolescent Dermatology

General Dermatology

General Dermatology

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Skin of Colour

Rural Dermatology

Rural Dermatology

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